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The Baird Family History & Ancestry

Family Crest Motto: DOMINUS FECIT (The Lord has done this)

Let me share the intriguing history of your family name, Baird. Your coat of arms proudly displays a legend that speaks of your origin, a tale of bravery and strength that saved a king’s life. It is said that the first Baird valiantly rescued William the Lion from a ferocious wild boar. Such a heroic feat!

Baird Family Name History

The Baird name has deep territorial roots, originating from lands held by your ancestors in Lanarkshire near the village of Biggar. We can trace your lineage back to Henry Debard, who witnessed a deed by Thomas De Hay between 1202 and 1228. However, the primary branch of our family emerged as the prominent landholders of Auchmedden in Aberdeenshire. The Baird influence in that county was further strengthened through marriage alliances with the influential Keith family, the Earls Marischal of Scotland.

It’s worth mentioning James Baird, a younger son of the Auchmedden house, who pursued a career as an advocate in Edinburgh. His son, John, achieved remarkable recognition as he was bestowed with a baronetcy upon the ascension of Charles II and the restoration of the monarchy in 1651. Later on, John became a distinguished High Court judge, known by the title ‘Lord Newbyth.’

Over time, the estate of Auchmedden transitioned into the possession of the Earls of Aberdeen. According to local lore, an intriguing prophecy by Thomas the Rhymer stated that as long as a Baird remained in Auchmedden, a pair of eagles would soar above the nearby crags. Interestingly, when the estate passed into the hands of another branch of the Gordon family, the eagles reputedly departed. However, when Lord Haddow, the eldest son of the Earl of Aberdeen, married a younger daughter of William Baird of Newbyth, the majestic eagles returned once again.

Baird Family History Ancestry

Your family history is adorned with individuals who made significant contributions. For instance, John Baird, born in Condorrat, Stirling, emerged as a radical reformer who fervently advocated for universal suffrage, annual Parliaments, and the repeal of the Act of Union. Unfortunately, his strong beliefs led to his execution. In the 1860s, James Baird, an industrious entrepreneur, revolutionized the Scottish industrial landscape. His firm installed the first circular blast furnace in Scotland, propelling them to produce a substantial portion of the country’s pig-iron output. The Bairds of Gartsherrie, as they came to be known, employed thousands of workers at their ironworks in Gartsherrie, significantly shaping the modern town of Coatbridge, which earned the moniker ‘iron burgh.’

In 1854, Robert Baird purchased the Auchmeddan estate, which later passed down to James. The Bairds of Gartsherrie maintained a belief that they were descendants of the Baird family of Cambusnethan in Lanarkshire, a branch that diverged from the Aberdeenshire lineage in the twelfth century. Our family name experienced a renaissance in the twentieth century through the remarkable achievements of John Logie Baird, the visionary pioneer of television. His contributions revolutionized the world of communications and left an indelible mark on history.


The Family Crest

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Family Crest Motto: DOMINUS FECIT (the Lord has done this)



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