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Logan Family History & Ancestry

Family Crest Motto: HOC MAJORUM VIRTUS (This is the valour of my ancestors)

Let me share with you the fascinating history of your family, the Logans, and their Scottish lineage. The name Logan derives from the Gaelic word ‘lagan,’ which means a howe or hollow. Your ancestors are mentioned in charters dating back to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The first known Logan is Thomas de Logan, who received a charter from his grandfather Gille Brigte, Lord of Galloway, granting him the lands of Logan in Galloway around 1180. The Lords of Galloway, from which your family likely descended, were a powerful Gaelic-Viking family.

Initially, the Logans held significant influence in the north of Ayrshire before shifting their focus to the east. Adam de Logan witnessed various charters during the reign of Alexander II. His descendant, Sir Robert Logan of Grugar, married the daughter of John, the last male heir of the Restalrig family. Their son, Robert, became the first Logan Baron of Restalrig and married Princess Katherine, sister of Robert III. It is through this lineage that the chief’s line descends.

The seventh and final Logan Baron of Restalrig was an immensely powerful figure with extensive estates. He controlled access to Edinburgh through the port of Leith and from the south. One of his notable residences, Fast Castle in Berwickshire, stood proudly on a cliff-edge. After his death, his name became entangled in the Gowrie Conspiracy. King James VI, motivated by political reasons, sought to prove that the Earl of Gowrie had conspired against him years earlier. In 1609, James ordered the exhumation of Robert Logan’s remains, bringing them to court in Edinburgh for a posthumous trial on charges of treason. The corpse was convicted, the family’s estates were forfeited, and their considerable wealth was claimed by the king. Although the attainder was lifted in 1616, by then, the family had suffered the loss of fortune and influence.

William Logan, the grandson of the last Baron of Restalrig, embarked on a successful career as a lawyer in Edinburgh. He later purchased a portion of the barony of Cumnock in Ayrshire and renamed it Logan, adopting the style Logan of that Ilk. Another branch of the Logan family established their home in the Highlands. Thomas Logan of Druimdeurfit, born in 1750, represented the thirty-sixth generation of Logans residing in the Highlands. The motto of the Highland Logans is ‘druim an Deur,’ which commemorates the battle of Kessock Muir in the fifteenth century, where the Logans faced an attack from the Frasers and Macraes. Although the precise connection between the lowland and Highland Logans is unknown, it is reasonable to assume they share the same origins.

As you delve into the captivating history of your family, the Logans, you uncover a tale of ancient Gaelic-Viking roots and significant influence. From the first known Logan, Thomas de Logan, receiving lands in Galloway in the twelfth century to the powerful Logan Baron of Restalrig, your ancestors held prominent positions and connections to royalty.

The story takes a dramatic turn with the unfortunate fate of the last Logan Baron of Restalrig, entangled in the Gowrie Conspiracy. Despite the posthumous trial and the forfeiture of their estates, the resilience of the Logan family prevailed. William Logan, the grandson of the last Baron, pursued a successful career as a lawyer and revitalized the family name with his acquisition of a portion of the barony of Cumnock, renaming it Logan.

Across the Highlands, another branch of the Logan family established their home, with Thomas Logan of Druimdeurfit representing the thirty-sixth generation of Highland Logans. The motto ‘druim an Deur’ holds a historical significance, commemorating their valor in the battle of Kessock Muir against the Frasers and Macraes.

As a member of the Logan family, you carry within you a rich legacy of strength, determination, and historical ties. From the shores of Galloway to the Highlands of Scotland, the Logans have left an indelible mark on history. May the stories of your ancestors inspire you to embrace your heritage with pride and forge your own path, continuing the legacy of the Logans for generations to come.


The Family Crest

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Family Crest Motto: HOC MAJORUM VIRTUS (this is the valour of my ancestors)



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