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Menzies Family History & Ancestry

Family Crest Motto: VIL GOD I ZAL (by God’s will, I shall)

Let me unveil the intriguing tapestry of your family, the Menzies. At the heart of your family name lies a unique linguistic twist, with the Scottish ‘yogh’ transforming into a ‘z’, leading to the name we recognize today. It’s a journey that began in Mesnieres, a place nestled in the heart of Normandy near Rouen. Your ancestors, gallant knights, stood alongside the illustrious William the Conqueror during his momentous invasion of England in 1066. Across the English Channel, they adopted the name Manners, and the lineage that remained in England eventually blossomed into the present Dukes of Rutland. Yet, your family took a different path, for a younger son of this lineage embarked on a journey to Scotland with one of the exiled Scottish princes, determined to reclaim their homeland from the English court after the demise of Malcolm III in 1093.

As the pages of history turn, we find Sir Robert de Meyneris gracing the court of Alexander II, where his stature grew to the rank of chamberlain in 1249. A legacy of land grants in Glen Lyon and Atholl became a foundation for his son, Alexander, who further solidified the family’s footprint by acquiring the lands of Aberfeldy in Strathtay in 1296. Alexander’s marriage to Egidia, the daughter of James, the High Steward of Scotland, marked a union of stature and influence. His son, Sir Robert, took up arms alongside the valiant Robert the Bruce, securing a legacy of rewarded lands.

In the annals of your family’s story, 1540 witnessed a pivotal union as James Menzies of Menzies joined hands in marriage with Barbara Stewart, daughter of the third Stewart Earl of Atholl and cousin to Lord Darnley. A thread of Stewart connections wove through the family’s fabric, even as the chiefs of your clan stood in opposition to Charles I and later, James VII, due to their religious policies. Through the ebbs and flows of time, Menzies Castle stands as a testament to your family’s journey, cared for by the Menzies Clan Society.

The northern branches of your family etched their own narrative. Between 1424 and 1634, an impressive 28 instances witnessed individuals with the Menzeis surname serving as Provost of Aberdeen, underscoring a dynasty of merchants and visionaries. Within the Royal Burgh, they held sway, reaching their zenith during the sixteenth century. Their influence extended beyond urban landscapes, as they eventually laid claim to estates at Pitfodels and Durn. In times of conflict, Sir Gilbert Menzies of Pitfodels stood by the side of Montrose throughout the tumultuous Wars of the Three Kingdoms. Generations later, John Menzies of Pitfodels left an indelible mark by donating his possessions, including his cherished home, books, and lands, to establish Blairs College in 1829, an embodiment of the family’s enduring legacy.


The Family Crest

Wherever in the world you live, embrace your family heritage and adorn your home with a timeless symbol of your family legacy with our crafted Family Crests.

Family Crest Motto: VIL GOD I ZAL
(by God’s will, I shall)



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