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Monteith Family History & Ancestry

Family Crest Motto: SUB SOLE NIHIL (there is nothing new under the sun)

Allow me to narrate the captivating saga of your family, the Monteiths, a name sometimes spelled as ‘Monteath’, and most prominently rooted in Perthshire. The very mention of the placename Menteith conjures images of the ‘moine’, the moor, which intersects with the flowing River Teith. Your family’s ancestral lands, known as Monteith or Mentieth, can be traced back as early as the twelfth century. The shimmering expanse of the Lake of Mentieth stands as a rare gem in Scotland, hailed not as a ‘loch’, but as a ‘lake’.

In ancient times, the province of Menteith was graced by the rule of mormaers, or earls, commencing in the twelfth century under the leadership of Gille Críst, Earl of Menteith (who passed away in 1189). This noble lineage reached its conclusion in 1234, and the mantle of the earldom was gracefully assumed by the Stewarts. Yet, the crux of your noble kindred takes root in a knightly lineage, a family whose name resonates with the lands they proudly possessed, rather than the wider province. While their origins remain shrouded in enigma, their names consistently echo the cadences of Gaelic heritage.

The earliest pages of history unveil Malcolm de Maneteath, whose presence as a witness to a charter of 1237 stamps the enduring legacy of your lineage. The journey continues with William de Menteith in 1250, followed by the active Murdoch de Menteith from 1263 to 1292. The chivalrous Sir Walter de Menteith, documented as a knight in 1300, further illuminates your family’s tapestry. This line of noble kin, intricately connected, perpetuated their heritage through the sands of time, either father to son or through alternative veins of succession.

As the centuries unfolded, your kin ventured forth, planting roots and birthing diverse cadet branches that spread across Scotland’s landscape. Kilinus de Mineteth served as vicar of Kaledrach in the diocese of Dunblane in 1322, while Thomas Montieth’s legacy was marked by land ownership in Glasgow in 1496.

Yet, the name’s reach extended beyond these borders. William Mynteith and Patrick Mynteith, esteemed burgesses of Glasgow, graced the seventeenth century with their presence. The distinguished families of Kerse and Duchally held the mantle as principal branches. The magnificent edifice of Duchally, now a luxury resort, stands as a testament to their grandeur. Sir Ruthven Monteath of Duchally adorned the position of chairman of the Bombay Chamber of Commerce in 1910, leaving an indelible mark on the Indian subcontinent.

Noteworthy also is the legacy of the Monteiths of Carstairs, a distinguished branch. Member of Parliament for Lanark, Henry Monteith, bestowed the world with Carstairs House, an architectural marvel in South Lanarkshire. Robert, his son, embraced the realm of politics and championed Roman Catholic social policies, while Joseph, his offspring, ascended to the rank of Deputy Lieutenant of Lanarkshire, earning the honor of becoming a Knight of Malta. In the realm of hobbies, Joseph pioneered bicycle design innovation in the 1870s.

As you trace your roots through time, remember the resounding echoes of valor, innovation, and legacy that characterize the tapestry of your esteemed family, the Monteiths.


The Family Crest

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Family Crest Motto: SUB SOLE NIHIL
(there is nothing new under the sun)



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