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Montgomery Family History & Ancestry

Family Crest Motto: GARDE BIEN (watch well)

Let me unfold the rich tapestry of your family, the Montgomerys, a name whose origins shimmer with intrigue. The Normans who embraced this name held the enchanting Sainte Foy de Montgomery Castle at Lisieux. Roger de Mundegumbrie, who bore connections to William the Conqueror through his mother, marched beside his kinsman during the invasion of England in 1066. As a reward, the Earldom of Shrewsbury graced his lineage. Your family’s Scottish tale commences with Robert, whose footsteps led him to the lands of Eaglesham in Renfrewshire. It’s whispered that Robert, a grandson of Earl Roger, accompanied Walter Fitzalan, the inaugural high steward of Scotland, when he embarked on his journey to claim bestowed lands from David I.

Sir John, the 7th Baron of Eaglesham, etched his name into history as a valiant hero of the Battle of Otterburn in 1388. His prowess on the battlefield captured Sir Henry Percy, the illustrious Hotspur, leading to the Percy family’s considerable ransom for his release. This bounty manifested as the castle of Polnoon, a tangible symbol of your family’s valor. The fortunes of Otterburn’s hero soared further when he united his destiny with the heiress of Sir Hugh Eglinton, securing the Barony of Eglinton and Ardrossan as part of his legacy.

A few generations down the line, Sir John’s grandson, Alexander, ascended to the title of Lord Montgomery around 1449. Hugh, the 3rd Lord Montgomery, basked in the privilege of the island of Arran and the custodianship of Brodick Castle. Lord Montgomery’s luminance illuminated new heights in 1507 when he was crowned Earl of Eglinton. He navigated the tumultuous currents of history, surviving the fray of Flodden in 1513 and actively partaking in the Parliament at Perth that hailed the infant James V as king.

Your family’s annals unveil the 3rd Earl, who steadfastly adhered to his Catholic faith in the face of Reformation winds. His unwavering loyalty to Mary, Queen of Scots, was as firm as the Scottish mountains. He gallantly fought for her cause, even on the battlefield of Langside in 1568, where he was captured. Despite his imprisonment and guilty verdict, he remained resolute until 1571 when he conceded to embrace James VI.

As the generations flowed, the Eglinton title eventually shifted to another hand upon the passing of the 5th Earl, leaving a resolute legacy intertwined with the Seton family. Amid the challenges of changing tides, your family’s dedication to faith and ideals held strong. From standing against religious policies under Charles I to aligning with Charles II upon understanding, the steadfast devotion to principle endured.

Through the passages of time, the 13th Earl embraced grandeur, hosting the Eglinton Tournament of 1839, a spectacle reviving the spirit of medieval jousting. This remarkable endeavor sought to recapture the echoes of chivalry. The title of Earl of Winton bestowed additional honor, solidifying your family’s legacy.

In tracing your lineage, you’ll find valor, tenacity, and devotion woven into every strand of the Montgomery story, a testament to your enduring legacy.


The Family Crest

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Family Crest Motto: GARDE BIEN
(watch well)



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