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Mow Family History & Ancestry

Family Crest Motto: POST FUNERA FAENUS (Profit after death)

Allow me to share the tale of your family, the Mows, a legacy rooted in the Scottish soil and carried through the corridors of history. Your family’s journey began amidst the lands of Molle, later known as Mow, nestled in Roxburghshire. The very essence of your name traces back to the bond between a landowner and his estate, as he adopted its name as a marker of identity. The designation ‘de’ often accompanied this connection, signifying this unique relationship.

The origins of your family, shrouded in the mists of time, come to light with Liulf, son of Uhtred, lord of Molle, marking his presence between 1114 and 1124. The names Liulf and Uhtred, echoing Anglo-Saxon heritage, hint at intriguing possibilities. Your ancestors might have been intertwined with the old Bernician kingdom or even refugees from the Norman Conquest, casting their fortunes in new lands. Uhtred of Molle, son of Liulf, graced the annals around 1152, bearing possession of the town of Molle and the mantle of the church’s patronage, a mark of distinction.

Generations unfolded, and your lineage found resonance in the form of Radulf de Molle, a witness to the resolution of a dispute that echoed through the corridors of time in 1279. The transformation to ‘Mow’ came when Robert Mow granted his lands to the king, and regrant followed suit to his brother, John, in 1490. Through the pen of Robert Pitcairn, your family’s imprint appeared in the pages of Scotland’s criminal trials, a testament to their historical presence.

The echoes of the ancient family seat, Mow Tower, once perched with dignity, whispered tales of border struggles and battles. The annals recall the tower’s fate in 1546, when the clash of arms claimed lives within. A pivotal moment arrived in 1575 at the Battle of Redesweire, as your family stood tall in the face of adversity, contributing to a historic chapter between two nations.

Time flowed onward, unveiling a John Mow as the ‘maister of the Music Scule’ in Dundee in 1628, a testament to the arts and culture your family embraced. The name resurfaced in the north, with John Mow guiding the melodies in Elgin. A desire for connection to roots was evident when, in 1789, John Mow of Mains and his brother, William Mow, Writer to the Signet, sought to rekindle the ancient flame, altering their surname from Mow to Molle.

As you reflect upon your family’s journey, remember the strength, perseverance, and the indomitable spirit that have been passed down through generations. Your legacy, woven through time’s tapestry, tells a story of resilience, adaptation, and the enduring spirit of your family, the Mows.


The Family Crest

Wherever in the world you live, embrace your family heritage and adorn your home with a timeless symbol of your family legacy with our crafted Family Crests.

Family Crest Motto: POST FUNERA FAENUS
(Profit after death)



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