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Muir Family History & Ancestry

Family Crest Motto: DURUM PATIENTIA FRANGO (I overcome difficulty with patience)

Let me share with you the remarkable tale of your family, the Muirs, a narrative woven through the fabric of Scottish history. Your family’s name carries two potential origins, one from the Highlands and the other from the Lowlands. The Gaelic ‘mor,’ signifying ‘large’ or ‘big,’ may have bestowed this name upon some for their stature. Alternatively, the Muir surname finds its roots in the Middle English, depicting a ‘low grassy hill or heath’.

The prominent Mures of Rowallan in Ayrshire claim the mantle of your chief family. At the dawn of Alexander III’s reign, Sir Walter Comyn wrested the Rowallan estate from your family. But the tide turned, and your family’s honor was restored when Gilchrist Mure’s valor shone at the Battle of Largs in 1263, earning him knighthood and reinstating the lands. The echoes of your name resound through history, gracing the pages of the Ragman Roll in 1296. The lineage flourished, with Sir William Mure achieving knighthood from David II and sacrificing his son as a hostage for the king’s ransom. A union between your family and the future Robert II was sealed when Elizabeth Mure wed him in 1346, ensuring a legacy intertwined with royal blood.

Mungo Mure, a guardian of the family’s honor, stood by the Regent Arran’s side during the tumultuous years of Mary, Queen of Scots’ minority. He invested in enhancing the splendor of Rowallan Castle, only to meet his end at the Battle of Pinkie in 1547. Embracing the winds of change, your family embraced the reformed religion, evolving into ardent Covenanters by the seventeenth century. As Covenanters, they weathered persecution, with William Mure of Rowallan opening his house to clandestine gatherings. But the direct line of the family eventually came to a close.

Another branch, the Mures of Abercorn, flourished under the Stewarts, with Sir Robert Mure taking part in the trial of Lord Ruthven for the death of Queen Mary’s secretary, David Rizzio. Beyond the borders, a beacon of your family’s legacy emerged in America. Born in 1838, John Muir journeyed from Dunbar to the United States in 1849. A naturalist and a pioneer in forest conservation, his efforts led to the establishment of the revered Yosemite National Park, a testament to your family’s enduring impact.

As you delve into the annals of your family’s history, remember the tenacity, valor, and contributions that have shaped your lineage. Yours is a tale of resilience, progress, and a legacy marked by individuals who left their indelible mark on the tapestry of time, the Muirs.


The Family Crest

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(I overcome difficulty with patience)



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