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Nesbitt Family History & Ancestry

Family Crest Motto: I BYD IT (I shall endure)

Allow me to share the captivating history of your family, the Nesbitt lineage, originating from the enchanting lands of Nesbit near Edrom in Berwickshire. The very name carries the echoes of geographical features, perhaps suggesting a hill with a nose-like shape or a bend resembling a nose. This narrative becomes all the more compelling when we delve into the remarkable works of Alexander Nisbet, a luminary in the realm of Scottish heraldry. His masterpiece, ‘System of Heraldry,’ continues to stand as a beacon of knowledge in genealogical circles, lending authenticity to your family’s lineage.

According to Nisbet’s meticulous research, the lands of Nesbit have been known since ancient times, their history intertwined with significant events. In the era of King Edgar, when surnames first became hereditary, these lands were granted to the monks of Dunfermline. This act, to pray for King Edgar’s father’s soul and his own health, weaves your family into the tapestry of Scottish history.

The annals unfold with luminous figures, such as William de Nesbite, who witnessed a charter by Patrick, Earl of Dunbar, in 1160. Thomas Nisbet’s tenure as Prior of Coldingham from 1219 to 1240 shines as a testament to your family’s enduring connection to the ecclesiastical realm. Philip de Nesbit’s appearance in the Ragman Roll of 1296, pledging allegiance to Edward I of England, illustrates your family’s resilience in the face of changing times.

The heroic deeds of your ancestors during tumultuous periods reverberate through the generations. Adam Nisbet’s charter from Robert the Bruce for the land of Knocklies, complete with the obligation to provide a knight for the king’s army, showcases the family’s martial spirit. Philip Nisbet’s story unfolds as he leads Newark-upon-Trent and faces siege under the Scottish army, exhibiting your family’s unwavering loyalty.

From fervent royalists to those who bore the brunt of war’s devastation, your ancestors displayed resilience and courage. Alexander Nisbet, the heraldic luminary, emerged from this lineage, reshaping history with his passion for heraldry. Distinguished families of Nesbitt, like Paxton, Dean, Dirleton, and Cairnhill, added to your family’s legacy, culminating in the resplendent Adam mansion of ‘The Drum’ near Edinburgh.

The chapters continue to unveil the lineage’s resilience. In 1994, the Lord Lyon officially recognized Robert Ellis Nesbitt as the chief of the Nesbitt clan. This recognition was a culmination of generations of legacy, tracing its roots to the grand-uncle of Alexander Nisbet. Robert Nisbett’s legacy continues through his son, Mark, upholding the family’s rich heritage.

Your family’s story is one of resilience, valor, and enduring legacy. From witnessing historical charters to crafting heraldic works that stand the test of time, your ancestors have etched their names in the annals of Scotland’s history. Their journey inspires and resonates, carrying the Nesbitt name forward with pride and honor.


The Family Crest

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Family Crest Motto: I BYD IT
(I shall endure)



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