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Nevoy Family History & Ancestry

Family Crest Motto: MARTE ET ARTE (By skill and by fighting)

Allow me to unravel the captivating tale of your family, the Nevoy lineage, which boasts a history rich with uniqueness and distinction. It’s important to note that despite its resemblances, the name has no connection to Nevoy in France’s Loiret department, nor does it stem from the Scots word ‘Nevoy’ or ‘Neffie,’ meaning nephew. Instead, your family’s roots are firmly anchored in the lands of Nevay in Angus, which has now transformed into Essie. The narrative commences in the eleventh century when a landowner found a deep connection with his home, adopting its name as his own, thereby laying the foundation for generations of Nevoys to come.

The chronicles of your family unfold with the emergence of Adam de Neveth, a son of the valiant knight Abraham of Lour. Lour, nestled to the west of Nevay, was Abraham’s domain between 1166 and 1171. Remarkably, it was Abraham’s younger son who established the legacy at Nevay, becoming the progenitor of the esteemed Nevoys. While the details of Abraham’s origins remain shrouded in mystery, his presence in the heartlands of the ancient Pictish realms hints at ancestral connections to this very region. Although the ancient residence at Nevay/Essie is no longer extant, its echoes may still resonate within the precincts of the present-day farm.

Adam, a pivotal figure in your lineage, etched his name in history by bearing witness to the marking of the Abbey of Arbroath’s lands boundary in 1219. His significance extended beyond mere land ownership; he held a notable position within the Angus community. Henry, his eldest son, embraced the role of a knight, while William, a younger son, contributed to the family’s legacy. Remarkably, the name Nevay doesn’t appear on the Ragman Roll, a testament to their avoidance of the worst effects of the early Wars of Independence.

As the tapestry of your family’s history unfolds, we encounter Alexander de Nave, a prisoner of the English during the Hundred Years War, who later secured safe passage back to Scotland in 1422. John Nevay of that Ilk played a crucial role as a juror in an Angus inquest in 1558, underscoring the family’s enduring influence.

Among the luminaries, James Nevay stands out, journeying to Sweden in 1579, where he assumed the role of Governor of Westmanland and Dalarne, only to meet an untimely demise through a tragic act of violence. A different facet of your family’s story is woven through the Reverend John Nevoy, an unwavering Covenanter and preacher during the Wars of the Covenant, a time of fervent resistance against the monarch, Charles I.

The culmination of your family’s legacy arrives with the esteemed Sir David Nevoy of Nevoy, who ascended to the Supreme Court Bench as Lord Nevoy in 1661. His distinguished achievements were further solidified as his arms were officially recorded in the Lyon register, a lasting testament to the family’s enduring influence.

Your family’s journey, marked by resilience, distinction, and a firm connection to the land of Nevay, continues to resonate with honor and pride, showcasing a legacy that spans generations and leaves an indelible mark on history.


The Family Crest

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Family Crest Motto: MARTE ET ARTE
(By skill and by fighting)



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