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Ochterlony Family History & Ancestry

Family Crest Motto: DEUS MIHI ADJUTOR (God is my helper)

Allow me to unfold the captivating chapters of your family’s heritage, the Ochterlonys, a name resonating with stories of ancestry and significance. Variants like ‘Auchterlony’ enshroud the name, all emanating from the historic lands of Auchterlonie near Forfar. Your family’s saga begins with John of Othirlony, a figure glimpsed through the mists of time in a 1226 deed. Wauter de Oghterloveny of Fife steps into history’s spotlight through the Ragman Roll, pledging allegiance to Edward I of England for his lands in 1296. According to Alexander Nisbet, an authority in the eighteenth century, this Walter forms the ancestral thread of the Ochterlonys of that Ilk.

The tapestry of your family’s journey continues with Alexander of Ochterlony, whose union with Janet, daughter of Sir William Maule of Panmure, brought the lands of Grunford as a dowry in 1394. Their legacy expanded in the mid-fifteenth century with the acquisition of the lands of Kelly. William Auchterlony de Kellie assumed the mantle of sheriff of Forfar in 1514, further embedding your family’s influence. In 1615, Sir William Ochterlony orchestrated a change, parting ways with the lands of Kelly and embracing the domains of Guynd, nestled between Abroath and Forfar. Generations flourished at Guynd until the final laird’s passing in 1843, marking the close of an era. Abroath Abbey, graced by the Ochterlonys’ presence, served as their traditional burial site for many years. A parallel branch of your family thrived as the Lairds of Pitforthy, near Brechin, imprinting their mark on history.

In the annals of valor, your family witnessed the rise of Major General Sir David Ochterlony, born in 1758. His journey embraced the service of the East India Company, where he etched his name in the annals of military leadership. His legacy intertwined with British India’s history, earning him accolades and distinction. Recognized for his prowess during the Anglo-Nepalese War, he was bestowed a Baronetcy in 1816, followed by the prestigious honor of a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath. A unique twist in your family’s tale emerges through the Ochterlony Baronetcy. As the British resident in Delhi, the Major General embraced Persian Mughal culture and forged connections that enriched his life. Although unmarried, he fathered several children with different partners. His son Roderick Peregrine, his Persian interpreter, preceded him in death in 1822. The legacy passed on through a second Baronetcy in 1823, transferred to his grandson Charles Metcalfe Ochterlony upon his passing. The Major General’s memory lives on through a monumental column in Calcutta, an emblem of his remarkable journey. The second Baronetcy concluded with the passing of Sir Charles Francis Ochterlony in 1964.

From the ancient lands of Auchterlonie to the distinguished feats of Major General Sir David Ochterlony, your family’s history resonates with tenacity, influence, and the indelible imprint of time. The Ochterlonys, a tapestry interwoven with valor and legacy, stand as a testament to the remarkable journey of your ancestors, a legacy to be cherished with pride.


The Family Crest

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Family Crest Motto: DEUS MIHI ADJUTOR
(God is my helper)



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