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Ogilvy Family History & Ancestry

Family Crest Motto: A FIN (to the end)

Let me recount the vibrant chapters of your family’s history, the Ogilvys, a name that echoes through the ages with tales of heritage and distinction. The ancient lands of Ogilvy, nestled in Angus, serve as the cradle of your family’s legacy. Rooted in the Old Welsh, ‘Ocel-fa’ or ‘high plain’, the name paints a picture of the rich landscape from which your lineage emerged. Angus, a Pictish kingdom once ruled by a mormaer, a noble lineage of Scotland’s ancient Celtic nobility, later evolved into the Earl of Angus. In this hallowed land, Gillebride, Earl of Angus, bequeathed the lands of Ogilvy to his son, Gilbert, a transition that took place before 1177. Thus, your family embraced the placename as their badge of honor, forever intertwining their legacy with Ogilvy.

As the tides of time swept on, the Ogilvys flourished as hereditary sheriffs of Angus, becoming stalwarts of their realm. During the stirring Hundred Years War, Sir Patrick Ogilvy commanded Scottish forces in alliance with Joan of Arc against the English, a testament to your family’s courage and devotion. Sir Walter Ogilvy, a beacon of distinction, took the mantle of Lord High Treasurer of Scotland in 1425, a role that emboldened his influence. His ambassadorial journeys and noble associations further adorned the Ogilvy tapestry. Sir James Ogilvy of Airlie, an ambassador to Denmark in 1491, ascended the ranks of peerage as Lord Ogilvy of Airlie, a testament to your family’s standing in Scottish history.

Amidst the pages of history, your family’s journey encountered both triumphs and trials. The legacy of the Ogilvys intertwined with the Stuart cause, as they rallied behind the earthen banners of Scotland’s honor. The tumultuous War of the Three Kingdoms bore witness to your family’s loyalty to the Stuart monarchs, a saga that mirrored the ebb and flow of Scotland’s destiny. Through the ages, the Ogilvys remained steadfast, from supporting the Marquis of Montrose to raising regiments for the ‘Young Pretender’ in the Jacobite uprising of 1745. The story of your family is not one of mere survival, but of enduring resilience and unyielding loyalty.

The Ogilvys’ influence reverberated through various avenues, shaping Scotland’s history. John Ogilvie, a Jesuit priest born in Banff in 1579, immortalized his name as a martyr who defended the spiritual supremacy of the papacy. His legacy, canonized in 1976, stands as a beacon of unwavering faith. In realms beyond borders, the Ogilvys extended their influence, encompassing diplomatic endeavors, intellectual pursuits, and even royal alliances.

As time unfurled, the Ogilvys emerged as not only historical figures but also as a testament to enduring legacy. Your family’s connection to prominent figures, intricate relationships, and influential moments showcases the indelible impact of the Ogilvys across generations. This tapestry of honor and achievement is your family’s heritage, a legacy to be embraced with pride and carried forward with grace.


The Family Crest

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Family Crest Motto: A FIN
(to the end)



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