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Orrock Family History & Ancestry

Family Crest Motto: SOLUS CHRISTUS MEA RUPES (Christ alone is my rock)

Allow me to recount the fascinating tale of your family, the Orrocks, a legacy that finds its roots nestled in the heart of Fife, Scotland. The very name “Orrock” weaves a connection to the lands of its birth, a place whose name whispers of edges and borders. The lands in the parish of Burntisland in Fife bestowed upon your ancestors a name that has resonated through generations.

Your family’s journey takes flight in a time long past, when the concept of surnames was still taking shape. The owner of the Orrock lands, seeking to etch his identity into the tapestry of history, adorned himself with the mantle of “de Orrock” or “of Orrock.” The passage of time saw the “de” gently fade away, leaving behind the simple yet profound name, Orrock.

Though the origins of the family’s beginnings may be veiled in the mists of history, the first glimpse we catch is of Symon de Oroc, a figure who walked the stage between 1233 and 1277. In 1248, his presence and stature within the local community were such that he bore witness to a land deed in favor of Dunfermline Abbey. Symon’s lineage carried forth through his sons, the elder of whom bore the same name, Symon, and the younger, Freskin. A name like Freskin hints at a connection, perhaps even intermarriage with the Flemish community that thrived in medieval Scotland.

The legacy carried forth, and your family found itself intertwined with Scotland’s history during the tumultuous times of Edward I’s English invasion in 1296. Your forebears, Robert de Orrock and another Symon de Orrock, made their mark by submitting to Edward I after the devastating events of that year. The Wars of Independence raged on, and while history may not unfold every detail of their actions, the retention of their ancestral lands suggests that their allegiance likely lay with the cause of Robert the Bruce.

The emblem that adorns the arms of your family’s chief line speaks volumes—the three chess pieces known as rooks, a nod to the family name, Orrock. These arms resonate with a heraldic pun, cleverly entwining the name with the imagery.

The winds of change led to a change in scenery, and John Orrock’s endeavors saw a new chapter being written. In the late eighteenth century, he ventured to Aberdeenshire, where he breathed life into new lands, bestowing upon them the name “Orrock” in honor of the legacy left behind in Fife. The grand Orrock House he erected there still stands tall, a testament to the endurance and spirit of your family.

Your family’s story reaches far beyond the shores of Scotland, as Orrocks scattered to the far corners of the English-speaking world. A township in Minnesota, United States, wears the name “Orrock” proudly, a testament to the legacy that embarked from those ancient Fife lands.

So, dear listener, as you trace the journey of your family—the Orrocks—you stand as a living chapter in a legacy woven with edges, borders, and a resilience that knows no bounds. From the fertile lands of Fife to the wider world, your family’s story is one of endurance, determination, and the unbreakable bonds that connect generations through time.


The Family Crest

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(Christ alone is my rock)



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