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Porterfield Family History & Ancestry

Family Crest Motto: SUB PONDERE SURSUM (In difficulty I look upwards)

Let me share with you the fascinating tale of your family, the Porterfields, a narrative woven from the intricate tapestry of history. The name Porterfield, along with its diminutive form, Porter, carries with it the echoes of an important office, that of the doorkeeper of castles and religious establishments. The role held significance far beyond its modern connotations, entailing lands and privileges, and often being hereditary. In some cases, this office of durward even graced royal buildings, passing down through generations.

The pages of history reveal that this name, also known as ‘Durward,’ was a distinctive presence in the tapestry of Scotland. Sir Walter Scott’s renowned novel, Quentin Durward, brought this name to wider recognition, and it’s likely that your family and others like it were behind various ‘Porters’ scattered across the land.

Your family, the Porterfields of that Ilk, derived their name from the lands connected to the important role of the porter at the esteemed Abbey of Paisley. These lands not only defined your family’s identity but also nurtured their home, built upon the foundation of tradition. John Porterfield of that Ilk secured a charter of confirmation for his Porterfield lands in 1460, showcasing the enduring connection your family held to its origins. The remnants of your ancestral house, Porterfield House, once graced the heart of Glasgow’s Ingram Street, standing as a testament to the legacy your family forged.

As generations unfolded, your family’s reach extended across the south west of Scotland. The Reverend John Porterfield, a minister in the late sixteenth century, carried the torch of faith across six churches in Ardrossan, reflecting the deep-rooted commitment to spiritual service. Fast forward in time, and the distinguished theologian Reverend John Scott Porter, minister of the Presbyterian Church in Belfast, emerges as a luminary figure. His legacy, interwoven with your family’s, shines through his profound contributions to theology. The threads of your family’s history extend to Ireland, as your forebears garnered respect and influence in the realm of law and governance.

Branches of your family extended their reach even further, establishing themselves in Inverness. Porterfield House and Porterfield Road stand as living testaments to your family’s journey, a symbol of how your family’s legacy is woven into the very fabric of Scotland’s landscape.

The tale of your family, the Porterfields, is one of steadfast dedication, resilience, and a lineage that bridges centuries. Your heritage is marked by the honor of tradition and the spirit of service that has guided your family through the annals of time.


The Family Crest

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Family Crest Motto: SUB PONDERE SURSUM
(In difficulty I look upwards)



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