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Primrose Family History & Ancestry

Family Crest Motto: FIDE ET FIDUCIA (By faith and trust)

Let me share with you the fascinating saga of your family, the Primroses, a legacy woven from the lands of Primrose in the parish of Dunfermline. The roots of your family name have been traced to the old British ‘prenn rhos,’ signifying the ‘tree of the moor.’ The Primroses found their haven in Fife, particularly in the vicinity of Culross Abbey, during the fifteenth century. The central figure in your ancestral tapestry, Henry Primrose, believed to have graced the world before 1490, stands as the patriarch of your lineage. His legacy endured through generations, with his grandson Gilbert ascending to the esteemed role of chaplain to James VI and Charles I, ultimately becoming the Dean of Windsor in 1628.

As the tumultuous wars of the 1640s roiled, Archibald Primrose emerged as the Clerk of the Privy Council. Aligned with the Marquess of Montrose after the Battle of Kilsyth, Archibald’s valor marked him. Through trials and tribulations, he upheld his convictions, standing firm even amidst the treacherous Battle of Philiphaugh. His life journey led him to encounters with treachery and trials, yet his spirit remained unyielding. He ventured into the ‘Engagement,’ sought refuge with Charles II in exile, and ascended to the honor of baronet upon the restoration of the monarchy. Your forebear’s legacy extended to the Supreme Court, where he earned the title ‘Lord Carrington,’ and the acquisition of the barony of Barnbougle and Dalmeny.

It’s through Archibald Primrose that your family found its enduring seat, nestled between Edinburgh and South Queensferry. This ancestral home, Barnbougle, remains a testament to your family’s journey across time. In the chapters that followed, your kin’s footsteps adorned history. Sir Archibald Primrose of Dunipace faced the trials of the Jacobite cause, and Sir James Primrose earned the title of Viscount Primrose in 1703. The legacy continued to flourish with Archibald John, who rose to the stature of Earl of Rosebery in 1828. Notably, his descendant Archibald Philip briefly ascended to the pinnacle of British leadership as Prime Minister from 1894 to 1895.

Today, the family seat at Dalmeny, adorned with architectural grandeur, stands as a testament to the journey your family has traversed. This seat, once a nucleus of history, is now open to the public, inviting all to step into the footsteps of your forebears and embrace the rich tapestry that is your family’s legacy. As you reflect upon your history, remember the resilience, honor, and contributions that have woven the Primrose name into the fabric of time.


The Family Crest

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Family Crest Motto: FIDE ET FIDUCIA
(By faith and trust)



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