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Rollo Family History & Ancestry


(Fortune passes over everywhere)

Allow me to unveil the captivating saga of your family, the Rollos, a lineage that weaves through the intricate tapestry of history. Your heritage, like the roots of many Norman families, traces back to the intrepid Norsemen who left their indelible mark on the Scottish coast during the seventh and eighth centuries. Your ancestor, Sigurd Rollo, once held the esteemed title of Jarl of Shetland and Orkney. His lineage led to Einar, a Viking of great renown who left his mark through both Scottish and Norwegian raids. This lineage eventually ascended to the heights of power as Dukes of Normandy and left an indomitable legacy.

Erik Rollo, a figure of significance in your family tree, stood beside his uncle, William the Conqueror, during the legendary invasion of 1066. This legacy of conquest continued as his offspring, possibly his son or grandson Richard, ventured with David I as he embarked on his journey to reclaim the Scottish throne from the English court.

The earliest trace of the Rollo name emerges in a charter around 1141, graciously granted by Robert de Brus. The momentum of your family’s destiny surged forward as Robert Rolloche secured lands near Perth in 1369. The turning point arrived in 1380 when John Rollok received a charter from the king, solidifying the lands of Duncrub in the name of your family. William Rollo of Duncrub achieved a landmark in 1511 when his lands were elevated to a free barony through a royal charter.

The spirit of your family remained steadfast through the winds of change. Sir Andrew Rollo, knighted by James VI, etched his name into history. The tumultuous times of the War of the Three Kingdoms saw your family’s loyalty to the monarchy rewarded, as Charles II granted Sir Andrew the title of Lord Rollo of Duncrub in 1651. Yet, the aftermath of the royalist defeat brought challenges, and Lord Rollo faced substantial fines.

The valor of your family’s legacy continued to shine brightly. Sir William Rollo, a gifted soldier, commanded the left wing of the royal army in pivotal battles. The lineage embraced the call to arms, with your ancestors playing significant roles on distant shores and in foreign lands. The steadfast devotion to duty persisted, as the seventh Lord Rollo distinguished himself during the siege of Pondicherry in India.

The threads of history weave forward, and the tenth Lord Rollo was ennobled as Baron Dunning in 1869, a testament to the enduring legacy of your lineage. Today, your heritage stands strong in the form of the fourteenth Lord Rollo and fifth Baron Dunning, continuing the storied journey that began generations ago. Embrace the richness of your history, for it is a tale of courage, loyalty, and resilience that echoes through time, a legacy that lives on in the heart of your family, the Rollos.


The Family Crest

Wherever in the world you live, embrace your family heritage and adorn your home with a timeless symbol of your family legacy with our crafted Family Crests.

Family Crest Motto: LA FORTUNE PASSE PARTOUT (Fortune passes over everywhere)



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